Saturday, June 18, 2011

Well, smack me in the face and call me Sally

*points at title of post*

I have no idea where that even came from.  This is what happens when I'm sleep deprived.

Went to my primary physician Friday morning to figure out what was going on with my mole.   After looking at it for all of, say, 30 seconds, he turns to me and goes "Well, there's a quick way we can get rid of that now.  We can do a punch biopsy."

Me being me was all for getting it over and done with.  He said a few times that he thought it was a Blue Nevis mole, but it was absolutely fine.  Either way, he would send the sample in to be tested just to make sure.

I've never had a biopsy before.  The closest I've came is getting some warts frozen off when I was 8 - almost 13 years ago.    It was actually very painless, surprised Dr.J when I did fuss over getting injected with the numbing medication (In all actuality, I was surprised to.  Me & needles aren't tight.).   It was a really quick procedure, maybe 15-20 minutes since it was a really small mole in the first place.  Results should be back in about a week, putting my mind at ease.

In the mean time, enjoy some dubstep =]

EDIT: Too tired to fix spelling errors & mistakes tonight.  Maybe tomorrow. 

Monday, June 13, 2011

So I go to see my Dr. on Friday, who, from what I've gathered, will refer me to a dermatologist depending on what he finds.  

On a side note, I stumbled upon a picture that accurately describes my attitude at the moment.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Beginning of an era (or a series of blogs, at the very least.....)

Skin Cancer

It's such an intimidating series of words, yet no-one seems to take them seriously.  Skin Cancer is the leading cause of Cancer deaths amongst the 20-35 age range.  If that doesn't scream 'Take me seriously, you biatch!', I don't know what does.

Two weeks ago, I noticed a mole begin to change.  I've had this particular mole my entire life, and am quite familiar with what it normally looks like - and this definately isn't normal.  Now, am I saying it's cancer? Possibly.  However, as I've been made aware, it could also be absolutely fine and won't know for sure until I go to the Dr. in a week or so (Curse you, lack of vehicle!!).  It was enough to make me take notice, and introduce me into the world of Skin Cancers.

My intentions for this blog: Raise Awareness.    I know, I know - it sounds ridiculously cheesy for someone like me, but it's honest.  I'm all about the honesty factor right now. Well, that an cursing like sailor - it's sort of my thing. 

I want people to understand what Skin Cancers look like, so they know what to watch out for.

I want people to know that Skin Cancer is highly preventable (though not always) by just a few slight actions.

I want to be a voice for those who have Skin Cancer, those who sometimes get ignore because 'Skin Cancer isn't a serious cancer, like, you know, Lung Cancer'    (sounds stupid, but I've heard it said before).

So buckle your seatbelts, kids.  This is going to be a wild ride.

or an absolutely boring one.  What the hell do I know?


EDITED: I'll also occasionally slip in a post that is about my daily rantings, or maybe a YouTube video that I'm obsessed with.  Also, memes.  I <3 them - and will share them with you at times =]